John Medamana

VP Network Platforms, AT&T

John Medamana leads the organization responsible for the technical strategy, design and development of Packet-Optical Network Platforms for AT&T.

Since joining AT&T in 1984 as a Member of Technical Staff, John has held a number of positions in the areas of architecture, systems engineering, development, testing, and operations management for AT&T’s IP, Data, and Mobile networks and services.  He was a founding member of the team responsible for creating AT&T's high-speed packet data service offering, starting with Frame Relay in 1992, followed by ATM, IP, MPLS, and ETHERNET services. John led pioneering work during the 1990s for the creation of Network-based VPN service for the evolution of AT&T’s large enterprise customer networks. He was awarded AT&T’s Strategic Patent Award in 2001 for the IP Enabled Frame service. This invention led to the adoption of MPLS VPN as the industry standard and enabled AT&T to become an industry leader in MPLS-based services. John provided the architectural leadership for the use of MPLS as the technology for network convergence.  He is currently working on evolving AT&T’s network platforms using SDN and virtualization technologies.

John received the “AT&T Fellow” award in 2008.